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Participants and program for masterclasses and concerts with Andsnes, Hadland and Park, 21-26 March, 2022

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Masterclasses with Andsnes, Hadland and Leschenko, 21-26 March, 2022

We are excited to announce that the next masterclass at Prof Jiri Hlinka Piano Academy will be with the three piano masters,

Leif Ove Andsnes, Christian Ihle Hadland and Polina Leschenko

Dates: 21-26 March, 2022

Location: Reksten Collections, Bergen, Norway


The classes are open for students and young established pianists at the highest level.

The participants will receive at least 3 classes each of 45 minutes duration. The classes starts in the morning of 21 March and ends with a closing concert in the evening of Saturday 26 March

Limitation of participants is 10.


The students are expected to bring their own music for the course.


The teaching is timetabled in the main hall, Pentagon at the Reksten Collections. All master classes will be open to public audience.


There will be arranged one public concert for the participants on the last day of the master class at Reksten Collections.


Accommodation and meals are offered at the Reksten Collections and are included in the participation fee.


At the Reksten Collections you are free to practice on 11 good quality pianos and grand pianos in various rooms.

Fees and application

Participation fee:

NOK 4000,-.

To be submitted upon receipt of invoice and one week after acceptance of participation.

The application has to be enclosed the following information:

1) Application form (electronical application form to be found underneath)

2) CV

3) Repertory/program

4) Links to a video of 10-15 minutes duration, containing 2 pieces. (To be posted on You Tube, SoundCloud etc. or sent by a file sending service or as a DVD by ordinary mail).

Application deadline:  21 February, 2022


Apply here


For further information about the master classes, please contact:

General manager Laila Nordø: mobile +47 930 048 32,

Spread the word!

Please, help us spread the word about the masterclass to your musical network, on Facebook or other social medias.

Relevant links:

Reksten Collections


Thanks to our supporters:

Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation (main sponsor)

Talent Norway

Norwegian Ministry of Culture

Bergen Municipality

Hordaland County






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