Participants and program for masterclasses and concert with Avenhaus, Park and Andsnes, 31 May-8 June, 2022


in collaboration with the Bergen International Festival


Date: 31 May-8 June, 2022

Professors: Silke Avenhaus, Christopher Park and Leif Ove Andsnes


Daniel Hyunwoo Evans, United Kingdom
Liudmila Savchenko, Russia
Heta Helmi Räisänen, Finland
Martim Almeida, Portugal
Nikita Khnykin, Norway (Talent program)
Kei Solvang, Norway (Talent program)
Mikkel Berg-Eriksen, Norway (Talent program)


Repertory, participants:


Daniel Hyunwoo, United Kingdom:

Schubert: Piano Sonatas D958, D959 and D960

Mozart: Piano Sonata KV310

Bartok: Piano Sonata BB 88, Sz. 80

Chopin: Nocturnes Op. 62



Heta Helmi Räisänen, Finland:

Beethoven: Sonata No. 3 in E flat Major ”Hunt” Op. 31

Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor Op. 11

Chopin: Etude No. 5 in E minor Op. 25

Saint-Saens: Etude No. 6 Op. 111

Scriabin: Sonata No. 2 in G-sharp Minor

Domenico Zipoli: Partita in A minor


Liudmila Savchenko, Russia/Norway:

Grieg: Concerto for piano and orchestra A minor

Rachmaninov: Concerto for piano and orchestra no.2 C minor

Bach: Partita B major, BWV 825

Beethoven: Sonata No. 30, E major , Op.109 (1,2,3)

Grieg: Lyrics songs, Op.19

Liszt: Concert Etude Gnomenreigen

Rachmaninov: Sonata No.1 (2, 3 mov)


Martim Almeida, Portugal:


Étude-tableaux Op. 39 No 1
Étude-tableaux Op. 39 No 2
Étude-tableaux Op. 39 No 6
Étude-tableaux Op. 39 No 8

Scriabin: Piano Sonata Nº 7 Op. 64, “White Mass”


Nikita Khnykin, Norway (Talent program)

Mozart: Piano concerto in  C major K.467
Mozart: Piano concerto in E flat major K. 271
Beethoven: Piano concerto No. 1 Op. 15
Chopin: Etudes Op. 10
Scriabin: Piano sonata No 4


Kei Solvang, Norway (Talent program)

Chopin: Scherzo Op. 39 No.3
Debussy: Feux d’artifice, Preludes Book 2.
Grieg: Scenes from Folk Life Op. 19
Grieg: From Lyric Pieces
1. March of the dwarfs
2. Homeward
3. Erotic


Mikkel Berg Eriksen (Talent program)

Mozart: Piano concerto No 16 in D major
Mozart: Piano concerto No 24 in C minor


Schedule master classes:

Tuesday 31.05: 10:00-15:15 (Avenhaus) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Wednesday 01.06: 10:00-14:30 (Avenhaus) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Thursday 02.06.03: 10:00-14:30 (Avenhaus) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Friday 03.06: 10:00-15:15 (Park) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Saturday 04.06: 10:00-14:30 (Park) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Sunday 05.06: 10:00-14:30 (Park) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Monday 06.06: 10:00-13:45 (Andsnes) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Tuesday 07.06: 10:00-14:30 (Andsnes) (pause 12:15-13:00)

Wednesday 08.06: 10:00-13:45 (Andsnes) (12:15-13:00)

Each masterclass last 45 minutes

The masterclasses are open to the audience, and have free entrance



Tuesday 7 June, 2022 at 19:30

Venue:  Troldsalen, Edvard Grieg Museum

Program to be announced at the concert

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