Participants and program for masterclasses and concert with Gimse, Hadland and Andsnes, 27 May-2 June, 2023


Date: 27 May-2 June, 2023

Professors: Håvard Gimse, Christian Ihle Hadland and Leif Ove Andnes


Participants and repertoire:

Andrii Mishyn  Ukraine:

Rachmaninoff: Sonata no. 2 op. 36
Scarlatti: Sonata k.1, k.380
Ravel: Jeux d’eau
Mozart: Sonata A minor
Chopin: Nocturne fis-Moll no. 2 op. 48
Churen Li, Singapore:

Chopin: Ballade no 4 in F minor op 52
Schumann: Kreisleriana
Beethoven: Sonata in A major, op. 101
Ravel: Miroirs

Nikita Khnykin, Norway:

Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto no. 3 in D-minor, op. 30
Scriabin: Waltz in A-flat major op. 38
Chopin: Etudes op. 25,
Chopin: Nocturne in C-minor op. 48 no. 1, in B major op. 62 no. 1
Hiroki Arakawa, Japan:

Bach: The well tempered clavier Book 1 No. 3 in C-sharp, BWV848
Bach: The well tempered clavier Book II No.19 in A major, BWV888
Chopin: Etude Op. 25 No. 9 “Butterfly” in G-flat Major
Chopin: Etude Op. 25 No. 10 in B Minor
Chopin: Mazurka Op. 24
Schumann: Kreisleriana, Op. 16
Liszt: Etudes D’execution Transcendante No. 11 Harmonies Du Soir
Chopin: Sonata no.2 Op.35 1mov.

Oskar Abel Valand Halvorsen, Norway:

Ferrucio Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica Fartein
Valen: Sonate no. 1, op. 2
Geirr Tveitt: Fra femti Hardingtonar (From Fifty folk tunes from Hardanger)
Folkevise av vise folk om visse folk
Uventa brudlaupssjau

Stamatis Vlachodimitris, Greece:

Beethoven: Sonata op. 110 in A flat major.
Chopin: Ballade Nr. 1 in G minor
Brahms: Ballade Op. 10 nr. 1 in D minor
Rachmaninoff: Etude op. 39 no. 5
Rachmaninoff: Etude op. 33 no. 6

Toki Onoda, Australia:

Rachmaninov cello sonata
Berg: Piano sonata
Tveitt: 1-5 Hardanger Tunes

Ilona Liiman, Finland:

Liszt: Sonata in B minor
Prokofiev: Piano sonata no. 3 op. 28
Debussy: Estampes L. 100
Faure: Barcarolle in F sharp minor no. 5

Schedule master classes:

Saturday 27.05: 15:00-21:45 – Gimse (pause 18:00-18:45)

Sunday 28.05: 10:00-16:45 – Gimse (pause 13:00-13:45)

Monday 29.05: 10:00-16:45 – Hadland (pause 13:00-13:45)

Tuesday 30.05: 10:00-16:45 – Hadland (pause 13:00-13:45)

Wednesday 31.05: 10:30-15:00 – Andsnes (pause 12:45-13:30) NB! New time

Thursday 01.06: 10:00-14:30 – Andsnes (pause 12:15-13:00) NB! Masterclasses in Troldsalen, Edvard Grieg Museum

Friday 02.06: 10:00-15:15 – Andsnes (pause 12:15-13:00)

Duration masterclasses: 45 minutes

The masterclasses are open to the audience and has free entrance



Thursday 1 June, 2023 at 19:30

Venue:  Troldsalen, Edvard Grieg Museum

Program: Selected pieces from the participants repertory.

Final program will be announced at the concert


Standard: 310
Under 30/student: 200
Senior: 279
FiB Fordel: 217
BT Fordel: 232
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Masterclasses and concert are arranged in collaboration with the Bergen International Festival


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